A group of KU students standing in front of Strong Hall holding a sign that reads "7 out of 10 Jayhawks cut themselves off before they have too much to drink"

Social Norms

What are Social Norms?

Social norms are standards of proper or acceptable behavior. The majority of KU students make good choices while out with friends. 

KU Students Report:

  • 88% stay with the same group of friends while drinking
  • 85% use a designated driver when drinking
  • 80% eat before or during drinking
  • 72% cut themselves off before they have too much to drink

DATA SOURCE:  2019 KU UCelebrate Survey, n=808

Social Norms Messaging

Exclusive, branded promotional items are very popular with students. As space allows, the goal is to include a social norm statistic to continually educate students. For several years, T-shirts have been provided to all students moving into university housing. Additional types of garments have included sweatshirts, tank tops, beanie hats, bucket hats, baseball caps and fanny packs. Safety items have included portable phone chargers, flashlight keychains, water bottles for hydration, hand sanitizer and face masks (during the COVID-19 pandemic).

A group of three students handing out Camelbak water bottles branded with the Jayhawk Buddy System logo
Person wearing a facemask that features the Jayhawk Buddy System logo
A group of KU students handing out power bank chargers for cell phones